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Let’s get this party Started

Welcome to EtchOSketch

It’s tough to take my focus off the RHONY (The Housewives of anything), to write my first blog, but I must. Okkkkkkkaaayyyy.  Welcome to EtchOSketch.  I won’t drone on and on because you probably have something to watch or do as well, so I’ll make this quick.

I gotta custom shop goin’ on here.  And, I’m up for any suggestions that are gonna make this website experience bigger, faster, stronger. Not from the haters, but from the loving suggestioneers.  It will take a while to get it good, but it will happen.  EtchOSketch, where you can customize, personalize, add flair, call it yours, own it, all here on this website.  You’ve got something that you want customized??  Well, contact me and I’ll see IF I can make it happen.

Ok, wait,  The commercial break is over.  Ok, I’m back.  I love to customize for people.  Well, I like people to approve of what I do for them and that is where EtchOSketch and myself come in.  I’ll do what we can to make you happy.

No, not by making you something for free, but by taking care of you and what you want.  I’ll listen, I’ll make sure it’s right, and I’ll get it done on time (most of the time).  I’m hoping this website as well as this blog will blossom like a beutiful dogwood (???).  Thanks for being here, and coming back.  I’ll be here.